5 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

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Do you struggle with premature ejaculation? Okay, maybe you are not ready to admit that you may have a PE problem – and that’s okay. But do you at least wish you could last a little longer in bed?

Sure you do! All men do.

Whether it’s to satisfy our ladies a bit more, or have a little more fun for longer periods of time, we all wish we could last a little longer!

Here’s the good news, it’s very possible to do so!  Here are six simple ways for you to last longer in bed:

  1. Masturbate. Yes, masturbating is the best thing for you to do in order to last longer in bed with your partner. Masturbating allows you to practice holding the sensation of wanting to orgasm. Just think of it as training. Masturbation also gives you a consistent sense of release, so you’re not so hard up to have an orgasm right away, when you’re actually having sex.
5 Ways To Last Longer In Bed
  1. Don’t wear underwear: Now, for various reasons this might not be possible all the time — but at least twice a week, go commando. Sounds funny, huh? Well most research indicates that men who are circumcised or don’t wear underwear last longer in bed. The simple reason: The nerve endings of the penis are used to the stimulation and develop more “resistance” to that stimulation.
  2. Stop thinking about the orgasm. When you are having sex, stop thinking about the orgasm altogether. It’s not all about the end goal here that matters. Rather, it’s about your journey getting there. With your mind and body off the orgasm, you can relax a bit and enjoy yourself — longer!
  3. Be creative. Moving from the bed to the sofa to the stairway may give your penis’ nerve endings a little break from being overly stimulated, while allowing for more fun and creative ways to make love too.
  4. Give your penis a break — don’t thrust so fast and so hard. Enjoy what you are doing and you will find that you will last a little longer in bed!
  5. Make her orgasm first. This means extending foreplay a little bit and employing some oral sex techniques. During sex, break up the positions and start engaging in oral sex — allowing her to orgasm first is a sign of a generous and satisfying lover. Plus it takes the pressure off both you to perform!
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