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When I was in high school, I wasn’t voted “Mr. Sportsman” or nominated for the “Cutest Smile,” but I would later make up for this in my own way and with my own title: “Most likely Able to Give The Best Orgasms.”

No joke, I have been told by ex-girlfriends that I give the best orgasms. You can take your “Most Likely to Succeed” title and throw it out the window — I’d take this title any day.

Whatever you do and wherever you are, if having one title among the ladies that is important, this is the one to have.

And the good news is that you can have it — if you follow a few simple things — that all take a little practice and time.

First, you need to understand that each woman is different. Every woman experiences an orgasm in a slightly different way then the next. Therefore, what works very well for one woman, might not work for the next woman. And that’s okay! That’s what makes exploring new women exciting — figuring out what makes them scream with ecstasy.

With every woman, the best orgasms begin and end in their mind. Stimulate their mind and then you will maximize the stimulation of their clitoris.

Think of an orgasm as a wave — beginning slow and rising gently until it crests. The best orgasms always have a deeper “body of water” beneath the wave when it crests. The way to increase this depth, is to lengthen the level of foreplay and anticipation. This means kissing more: kiss her neck, her back, her buttocks, her legs and her toes.

Wait for a bit before you put yourself inside her. If you gently enter, pull out again, and resume kissing her — slowly and passionately building up that wave towards its crest.

When she wants you inside of her, gently work your mouth down to her belly button as you gently squeeze her breasts. Perform oral sex with her and use your fingers to gently enter her wet vagina.

Use you your lips and tongue to lick, suck, and tease her clitoris. You may stop for awhile and enter her again. When she is enjoying sex and when you are ready to orgasm hold off a bit, go back to kissing her on her back.

Next, turn her gently around, and resume oral sex until she climaxes. When she does climaxes, tell her how sexy and how beautiful she is, and then kiss her again. Doing this right may take some practice, but you will get the hang of it.

The most important thing is to enjoy your time, make it sensual, fun, and always include some level of anticipation. Follow the above steps and you cannot go wrong! Good luck!

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