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So you’re sitting at home, wondering why you’re not enjoying more sex in your life, right? Join the club. Most men feel this way at some point in their lives.

Not long ago, I too, found myself in this very large group of men, wondering why and how my love life went cold.

I was after all, not a bad looking guy, educated, had a decent job, and was, for the most part, funny. Still, I couldn’t get laid for the life of me. Then things changed — I started having great sex regularly. What changed? Well, it took some time and a little of trial and error but I figured things out.

I bet you’re wondering how I turned this all around? Well, if I could package my wisdom in a bottle and sell it online, you better believe I would.

Here are a few important points that led to the change in my own life and could help you with your sex life too!

  1. Smile: The more you smile the better or positive energy you project outwardly. And positive energy is not only infectious, it’s attractive. The more you smile – the more attention you will get. Now a word of caution, don’t fake or give disingenuous smiles — it’s just not work. Authentic smiles are the best and most effective — and generate the best results.
  2. Be funny. So you don’t have a funny gene in your body, that’s okay. You can find the dry humor in things a lot easier than most of us — if you allow yourself to do so. The truth is that if you make a woman laugh, you can pretty much laugh her panties right off her. Believe me, it’s true.
  3. Get a haircut and trim your nose hairs: Sounds pretty superficial, but you would be surprised what a little trip to the barber will do for a man. It means you’re taking care of yourself and that goes a long way in a woman’s book.
  4. Get new bed sheets and fluffy comforter. Getting new bed sheets and getting your dog from shedding his hair all over the place can make all the difference. Make your bed and your entire bedroom for that matter, a love cave. You want your woman to want to go in it — not feel like she has to take a shower after the experience.
  5. Be an Expert. I don’t care if you’re expert at Star Wars trivia. Be an expert on something — anything – worms, hummingbirds, bikes, baseball cards — it doesn’t matter what it is! Women love status and experts have status. It doesn’t matter with whom — you can be king of the nerds, king of the bug experts, king of the chair makers — it doesn’t matter. Being an expert can deliver many dividends because expertise, leadership, and status all play an important role in a woman’s attraction towards you!
  6. Be Confident: Women love confidence. Yes, they all love confidence and not the macho type of confidence that peels off in a big truck and yells out the window and ladies on the street. I’m talking about the quiet confidence that comes with wisdom and internal sense of security.
  7. Be the guy in the band. Okay, so you’re not so popular. That’s okay, you don’t have to be. But just so you know, women do love to be with the guy in the band. It’s a tribal status thing. Women, as do most of us, love to be a part of something that is exclusive. Create your own exclusive party or band. It doesn’t have to be with music, it can be with art, or whatever it is that you love to do!

Follow these basic points and your magnetic pull will grow and develop. Before you know it, you will find yourself going out and having more sex than you can handle!

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