Five Great Places To Have Sex

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The most memorable sexual experiences are shaped by where and when they occur. Sometimes this is brought on by a little fear of being caught or the actual experience of having an entirely new experience all together — or both.

There are some really great places to have sex that can induce excitement and whispers around the water cooler about you.

  1. The Stairway: The fear of being walked in on and the raw sexual passion of two people engaging in sex here can cause anyone to remember this moment.
  2. A Pool/Jacuzzi: Yes, a little cliché and a little difficult because of the water temperature, but having sex in a pool or Jacuzzi is always a winner with the ladies. Something about the water that overwhelms the senses making this a place that is always exciting to share with someone.
  3. Your In-law’s House: Having sex at a family member’s home while visiting is pretty exciting stuff and is one that should not be overlooked in excitement!
  1. Camping: There is nothing quite like having sex under a billion stars near a campfire. A great way to cap off a great day in nature, but beware of bears, mosquitoes, and the nosey forest rangers.
  2. The Stove: Preferably done while all the burners are off and cooled. Having sex on top of the stop can really be an exciting little adventure for you to remember.
  3. The Garage: Okay, so you were looking for your tools, but your wife happens to walk in unaware that you have been checking her out all day. Clear off some old paint brushes and show her the hammer in your garage.
  4. On Top of a Parked Car: (Parked being the keyword): Being out in the open and having sex on top of car could be the most exciting things out there. For many men, this could almost be considered a threesome.
  5. Kitchen Table: Ah, this is another staple location for wild sex, but what a staple it is! Having dinner with the in-laws is never quite the same after an erotic love making session here.
  6. The Beach: If you live in Nebraska, perhaps there’s a river bank around. Making love on a beach is simply one of the best experiences a human being can have. It must be done at least once in a lifetime.
  7. Pool Table: My personal favorite I have saved for last. If you haven’t done this, before, you don’t know what you’re missing. This is simply a fun and sexy place to have sex.
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