How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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Statistics show that 5% of men suffer from impotency even before they are 40 years of age; 20% have the problem by the time they are 65. Thankfully, ED is curable.

However, rather than seeking a cure for the problem, it is advisable to try and guard against it and thereby, prevent the disorder. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.

A few preventive measures related to ED that you can easily follow are:

Medical — Since the roots of ED do lie in medical problems also, a bit of caution here will go a long way in warding off the problem.

  • Diabetes — A leading cause of ED is diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar levels will help in catching the problem early. Control your sugar levels if you find them touching the dangerous mark. Maintaining good blood sugar levels help in keeping the blood vessels of the body functioning optimally and thereby preventing ED.
  • Obesity — If you are obese, chances of ED increase automatically. Begin by bringing your weight down in a healthy way. Remember your heavy weight leads to vascular diseases that may affect the blood vessels, which in turn causes ED. Vascular diseases account for 70% of the physical issues that are known to cause ED.

Lifestyle changes — How you live, sooner or later, translates to your health. This holds true in the case of ED also.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Working with a few lifestyle cautions is highly recommended:

  • Balanced life — Take to care to maintain a balance between exercise, nutrition and sleep. Exercise helps in carrying oxygen to the various parts of the body and thereby keeps the blood vessels functioning optimally.

Good nutrition helps in providing the body with the necessary vitamins. Sleep is when the body rests and recoups. To stay fit, it is essential to get peaceful sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

  • Nutrition — Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E, Zinc and Arginine. While Vitamin E increases flow of blood, Zinc increases testosterone levels and Arginine helps in producing nitric oxide that keeps blood vessels relaxed.
  • Water — Do not ignore the intake of water when targeting a healthy life. Have at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep the body healthy and fighting fit.
  • Relax — Tension and anxiety do not solve any issue. On the contrary, they make matters worse. Many men who are tense will find it difficult to get an erection. So learn to relax and make the most of what you have. Think positive and learn to live a happy life.

Just like there are certain things that you need to adopt, there are also certain things that you should stay away from. Steer clear of unhealthy foods. Saturated, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats like red meat, butter, shortening and refined vegetable oils are also not good. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco spell doom when it comes to ED.

While curing ED is a possibility, it will work much better to prevent the problem. So keep the above tips in mind and keep ED at bay.

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