Make Her Explode By Building Up Sexual Anticipation

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When a woman has an orgasm, it may feel like a powerful raging river of lust, love, and intimacy, all rolled up in one – rushing throughout her entire body.

But where does that raging orgasmic river start from?

The source of every woman’s orgasm is always found in her mind — always. In fact, most women who find it difficult to have an orgasm usually have some difficulty getting over this first major mental hurdle.

Some women have a hard time giving themselves permission to have an orgasm in the first place. After all, there are still a lot of hang ups in today’s society on a woman’s pressure to be virginal and sexy, motherly and horny – all at the same time! Research shows that these mixed feelings and expectations have very real and detrimental influence on a woman’s sexual psyche.

The good news is that we actually know where an orgasm starts. The bad news is, that most men don’t know.

Yet, if we pay careful attention, we can take simple steps to help her unlock the passion within her!

The first thing you must do is disarm her. Women, by nature, are always on guard or suspicious of men and their motives. Now, as a man, you don’t have to necessarily hide the fact that you want to have sex, it just doesn’t need to take center stage every single moment.

Rather, if you simply make take the emphasis off sex, you will instantly intrigue her interests, because 99% of heterosexual men she has met over the course of her life have and continue to want to get into her pants first.

So, how do you disarm her? Well, the first thing to do is stop looking at her tits. Next, be genuine in sharing your passions and you interests with her. If she knows that there is an authentic man behind that small erection, then she is most likely to lower her defenses.

Second, there are simple ways to flirt with her that is not overly flirtatious. Let her know that you find her attractive – without drooling on her. Here are two examples: Let’s say, she is showing you her pictures on Facebook. Let her know that she is “photogenic.” Say something like, “Everyone looks so happy in this picture, and you look pretty amazing in that dress too!” or “This is a great photo of you and your mom — you have such a great smile!”

Now, once you disarm her and she will begin to allow you to come close to her — physically. Provide a little anticipation with teasing. A woman likes a man that she can’t really have. That’s why many women love married men — they’re safe and they can’t have them — so consequently they are more desirable and valuable.

Set up a date for you guys to go out and then steadily build on the anticipation of the meeting. The anticipation creates tension, which will be released during orgasm.

If her guard is down with you, she has basically given you the keys to her sexuality and is waiting for you to do what you do best — satisfy her deepest desires. But you can’t just open the door to her house and run upstairs to her bed. She’ll snatch those key right back from you in a second! Rather, you need to explore her environment, appreciate the world she has created and is sharing with you.

Stroke her sense of being a woman – her hair, her laugh, her smell — do without too much sexual tension — that will soon come.

Call her during the week, share an interesting personal story, but before you tell her the ending — the climax – cut her off, and tell her that you got to run into a meeting and that you will finish up where you left off  when you see her. Give her something to think about and that will make her want to seeing you again soon.

If you practice building anticipation, you will no doubt cause her to want you more as the hours and days pass – until you finally see each other. Remember the orgasmic rushing river you want her to have with you, always starts from a little spring deep within her mind. Impact her mind, and you will impact her orgasms!

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