Penis Hygiene Tips: What to Do, What Not

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Hygiene is a cornerstone of modern civilization. It might be said that hygiene has become one of those things that are taken for granted among civilized people. Accumulated dirt, sweat and bacteria (or germs) in the intimate area can cause infections at one point or another in the future.

Penis hygiene, therefore, is part of the daily cleaning “ritual” and is considered to be just as important as overall hygiene. The sex organs are more sensitive than other parts of the body and frequently engaged in intimate contact, which is why they should be as clean as possible, if not cleaner.

Penis hygiene tips

Here are some natural hints and tips on how to maintain good and healthy penis hygiene:

  • The male genitalia (especially penis) should be washed regularly to remove any buildup of exudate or smegma and to keep the organs clean.
  • Get adequate sleep and rest by adapting a healthy constructive daily
  • Routine and maintaining appropriate sex relations.
  • Regularly shave off unnecessary hair around your penis and in the pubic area as long and thick pubic hair can be a potential breeding ground for germs, debris and allergens.
  • You should practice regular bathing and cleansing of the body; anointing the body and the penis with aromatics unguents and medicated oils. After thoroughly washing your genitals make sure you dry them off completely with a clean towel. This will protect you against getting a rash or other infection from the dampness and bacteria from your undergarments.
  • Keep your penis (and the testes) protected during games or sports. A hard plastic protective cup, i.e. a “jock strap,” or the “guard” provides baseball catchers, hockey goalies and football players protection from collisions. Wear a jock strap or a cup to protect your reproductive potential.
  • Condoms are the only form of protection that can both help to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV/AIDS and prevent pregnancy.
  • Avoid using tight fitting undergarments and pants as blood needs to flow through your penis for its proper functioning and growth.

All in all, a regular and proper penile hygiene is the science of self healing. It is the art of personal health maintenance and disease prevention. Proper hygiene practice is the foundation of all good health. Improper or faulty hygiene is the origin of most penis or sex-related diseases such as STDs, infections and even pimples.

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